American Driver & Traffic Safety Education Association (ADTSEA)

Classroom Course + Behind-the-Wheel consists of our 30-hour course teaching you basics of driving from ADSTEA material and a textbook entitled “Drive Right”. You must hold a Driver’s Permit to attend this course. The course goes over the fundamentals of what to do in case of an emergency and other basic driving information. This course is mandatory for all teen drivers by law. During and after the completion of the classroom study, a 6-hour behind-the-wheel instruction is given to practice the skills learned in the classroom.

Classroom Attendance

Student must attend all 30 hours of classroom sessions and achieve a passing grade. No refund shall be given for any student that does not successfully complete the 30 hour course. An average score of 80% or more on exams and assignments is required to pass the Classroom Driver Education. A student with a failing score will not receive a certificate. No refund shall be given for any teen that fails the class.

Student Conduct

The student is required to wear dry pants, shorts, shirt and footwear. While on property students shall not smoke, use profanity, be disruptive, disrespectful, usage of alcohol or illegal substance. A violation of any of these rules can result in the student being rejected from class for the day. Fighting and more than one of these violations can result in immediate expulsion.

Behind-The-Wheel Training

(a) The student is required to attend all 6 hours of scheduled BTW sessions (b) Submitted to the instructor a notarized affidavit confirming 50 hours of additional drive time with a licensed driver, 21 or older (c) Have their driving permit on their person (d) If the student has an A restriction on their permit, have their corrective lenses on their person (e) Students with long hair must keep their hair from obstructing their vision.(f) Wear Shoes.

Remember your scheduled drive times, should you forget, you may be charged.

Lost Completion Certificates

Replacement Certificates costs $25 each. To receive a replacement certificate provide a written explanation why you are requesting another certificate and payment to the instructor.